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About us

JKL is a leading Nordic advisory firm focused on strategic communication. Our vision is to be our clients’ most trusted advisor.

Our legacy and vision

The JKL brand was established in 1985 by Bo Jansson, Anders Kempe and Anders Lindberg – strategic communication pioneers who founded JKL with the ambition of advising senior leadership teams and boards of directors on communication issues and the impact of communication on business results. 

The keys to JKL’s lasting success are our ability to understand and convey the significance of strategic communication for our clients’ business objectives, to create big ideas and solutions based on fact-based analyses and insights, to attract exceptional talent and to always strive to exceed expectations.

Today, JKL is part of a larger international context – MSLGROUP, part of the Publicis Groupe network – in which we work with colleagues throughout the world to provide cross-border communication solutions as a complement to our solid local expertise.

Our ambitions are embodied in the vision we share with MSLGROUP:

To be our clients’ most trusted advisor.

Our organisation

JKL is part of global communication group MSLGROUP. JKL has offices in Sweden and consultants at MSLGROUP offices in Brussels, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Our practice-oriented teams work nationally and across borders, advising on multi-dimensional stakeholder engagement. We often work with MSLGROUP consultants in the Nordics and in other markets throughout the world.

Maria Grimberg and Peter Steere are JKL’s co-CEOs. The management team is comprised of JKL partners, the managing directors of each office and cross-market business support officers.

MSLGROUP is Publicis Groupe’s strategic communication and engagement group and advisor in all aspects of communication strategy: from consumer PR to financial communication, from public affairs to reputation management and from crisis communication to event management. With more than 3,400 people, its offices span 22 countries. Adding affiliates and partners into the equation, MSLGROUP’s reach increases to 4,000 employees in 83 countries. Today the largest PR and experiential network in Europe, Greater China and India, the group offers strategic planning and counsel, insight-guided thinking and big, compelling ideas – followed by thorough execution.

MSLGROUP is an award-winning agency network, globally as well as in the Nordic region. Our Nordic wins include numerous national and international awards, ranging from consumer marketing to public affairs. MSLGROUP was recently named by the Holmes Report as “Best Corporate Consultancy in the World 2013”.

Learn more at: www.mslgroup.com


JKL’s clients are companies and organisations from the private, public and non-profit sectors with whom we work side-by-side in partnership. We are deeply committed to our client relationships and intensely loyal to our clients, and are guided by considerations of privacy when it comes to speaking about them. We do not publish client lists – our clients decide themselves whether to report that they are working with us. The projects we work with often require access to sensitive or confidential client information, so all of our consultants are bound by confidentiality agreements. It is our policy never to discuss our clients or specific projects.

Due to increased industry consolidation JKL more often works within the same, or closely related, industry sectors. This gives us a higher level of sector expertise, which clearly benefits our clients in the form of better understanding of their markets and central business processes. In these cases we work in the same way as investment bankers or accountants: we assign specific consultant teams to different clients and tasks. Discretion and confidentiality are key to our work.

If you would like to know more about our views on clients and assignments, please read more in our Client policy

Our approach

We provide strategies, advice and approaches for situations and contexts in which our clients need to communicate.

Our strength lies in our profound understanding of our clients’ business ambitions and how they can best be supported by communication. We build our ideas and strategies on sound analysis and believe that big, compelling ideas always originate from fact-based insight. With in-depth knowledge of our clients’ communicative environments, we draw on our extensive, well-established network and proven public and private sector expertise to deliver quantifiable results.

Whether working with a new client or a new project, we appreciate that each case is unique and requires a customised solution. One of JKL’s distinguishing characteristics is the ability of our exceptionally talented consultants to understand the unique quality of each situation and provide insights, strategies, ideas and recommendations based on this.

We empower our clients to achieve measurable results in relation to their business goals. Specific goals may be to achieve a fair share price, develop communicative leadership, establish a favourable reputation or build a strong corporate brand.

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