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Client policy

JKL’s client policy details the manner in which we support our clients, and describes who our clients are and our general principles for accepting and performing assignments.

JKL’s business concept is to help companies and organisations improve their ability to communicate effectively; JKL is a strategic communication advisory firm.

JKL helps its clients become more competitive and effective by creating measurable results such as:

•    Fair share price

•    Attractive work environment

•    Strong brand

•    Positive public opinion

•    Good reputation with key audiences

•    Effectively executed mergers

•    Successful recruitment

•    Establishment in new markets

Measurable values are created in relation to clients, shareholders, communities and organisations. JKL identifies the critical success factors from a communicative standpoint and assists its clients in utilising these to their best advantage. JKL aims to be regarded by its clients as a source of competence, one which clients can draw upon in order to more quickly attain their strategic goals.

JKL’s mission is to create success stories through communication and to be a premier meeting place for those seeking to use communication to achieve measurable value.

JKL aims to be top-of-mind and to have a stellar reputation among business leaders and experts in all markets in which it operates.

JKL works with companies and organisations that are experiencing intense change or growth and who understand the strategic value of communication. This is why we are communication advisors on the corporate management level.

JKL looks for assignments and clients that offer professional challenges, heighten our reputation and increase our structural capital. Each new client presents new opportunities, but may also mean that other doors are closed to us. All new clients are approved by the Managing Director of the relevant office. In cases where a potential client is active in several markets, the Partner Group determines whether or not JKL can accept the assignment if this is a matter of uncertainty.

Access to clients’ proprietary information is often essential to the successful performance of JKL’s assignments.  It is therefore of vital importance that our clients have full faith and confidence that JKL will protect such trade secrets. 

JKL is obliged to exercise the utmost discretion with respect to its clients’ business affairs.  Therefore, JKL may not, without the client’s due consent and except as required by law, disclose any client proprietary information which has, within the scope of JKL’s activities on behalf of the client, been disclosed to JKL or to which JKL has obtained access.

As a result of increased industry consolidation, JKL increasingly works with clients that operate within the same or closely related industry sectors. This provides us with increased sector expertise, which benefits our clients in the form of better understanding of their market and central business processes. In these cases, JKL works in the same manner as an investment banker or accountant: we assign separate consultant teams to different clients and tasks. Discretion and integrity are central.

Every JKL employee is bound to strictly observe professional confidentiality with respect to JKL’s operations and any and all information which they are privy to as a consequence of their professional duties.  This duty of confidentiality, regulated by confidentiality agreement, continues after the employment relationship with JKL is terminated.

It is incumbent upon all JKL employees to be familiar and comply with ethical guidelines*) for the industry. They are also required to know the applicable laws and regulations for the clients and assignments they work with. 

In certain instances, JKL cannot accept an assignment notwithstanding a potential client’s request for professional assistance and communicative expertise. Such instances include those in which the assignment could jeopardise JKL’s relationship with other clients or customers or compromise JKL’s independence or general image. It is therefore JKL’s policy not to accept assignments from political parties or those that deal with matters of religion.

In order to successfully meet the needs of its clients, JKL requires the full commitment and support of the client’s management team, access to the client’s data, joint JKL-client formulation of assignment targets, the client’s willingness to change, and regularly scheduled meetings with the client.  

*) ”Guidelines” refer here to the provisions of the ICCO Stockholm Charter.

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